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May weighs into Uber Row

In the run up to Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi's meeting with Londons' Transport  Commissioner Mike Brown next week, Theresa May has weighed into the row surrounding TfLs refusal to issue Uber with a license to operate in London.

Speaking on a BBC interview in the run up to the Conservative conference in Manchester,  Mrs May stated that she felt that TfLs actions were disproportionate and would put 40000 jobs at risk as well as inconvenience 3.5 million Londoners. Mrs May added that there are questions which Uber need to answer and further added that there needed to be a level playing field for taxicabs.

There has been condemnation of Uber from the Labour party at this weeks conference in Brighton and Mrs Mays' interference has been roundly condemnded by those within the taxi industry. There has yet to be a response from Transport for London regarding the Prime Ministers comments.

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