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Serial bilker pleads guilty to 4 counts of fraud

A serial Taxi bilker who claimed he worked for investment bankers JP Morgan has pleaded guilty to 4 charges of obtaining services dishonestly under the Fraud Act at Brighton Magistrates Court on Monday according to reports in The Argus . Jake Dean, 24, of Dorothy Avenue, Peacehaven, took Taxis in Brighton and London before telling the drivers he did not have the money to pay for the journey. One particular case stood out as the court heard the evidence; a £256 fare from Waterloo London to his home off South Coast Road, Peacehaven. Following his inability to pay for the fare, Dean promised the driver he would transfer the monies on Taxi app Hailo, but the fare was never paid. Jake Dean gave the driver what he claimed to be his 'employers' details; the sixth largest bank in the world JP Morgan, but when the driver called them they had never heard of him. In total the fares amounted to more than £600. His sentencing has been adjourned to October 27 for a pre-sentencing report. The maximum penalty is 12 months in prison and/or an unlimited fine. 

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