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When will Uber's London appeal be launched

With only 4 days remaining on their license extension, Uber will have to make their move in London. When TFL announced the shock decision to not renew Uber's London license, it made it clear that 'if' Uber chose to appeal the decision, it would be allowed to continue operating as normal for as long as it took for the entire appeals process to be exhausted. The initial plan of action by Uber's PR team was to go on the attack, accusing Transport For London of "giving in" to a small minority of people who opposed the Uber service, meaning the iconic London Black Taxi drivers. They launched a rather dubious online petition in an attempt to have the decision overturned, with some substantial evidence of signatures being signed without the permission from the alleged signee. Once realising TFL and the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, who backed Transport For Londons decision, stated that their decision to not renew the license was not going to be changed regardless of the aggressive tactics taken by Uber, the tech giants switched their approach and went on the charm offensive. Dara Khosorowshahi made the long trip across the Atlantic to meet TFL in person, apologising for Uber's lack of cooperation in trying to offer the high standards that are expected to operate in London. Transport For London refused the renewal of their license on the grounds of Public Safety.  

It soon became apparent the magnitude of losing London, with it being Uber's most successful European market. Many within the taxi trade felt it was only a matter of time before TFL reversed their decision and Uber would be granted the new license they so desperately want and need, but with only 4 days remaining before Uber are no longer licensed to operate in London, it looks like Transport For London may just be standing strong and forcing Uber into an appeal process. The appeal will undoubtedly come and will most probably be launched on the final day of their license which is the 13th. Uber have been deemed unfit to operate in London and unless something drastic happens, they are likely to remain unfit and proper and may not get the opportunity to flaunt the rules and regulations and put the public at risk ever again. Even if Uber were to clean up their act and operate within the boundaries that they should of done so for the last 5+ years, I personally think their operators license should be refused. They should serve a lengthy ban for breaking laws which were highlighted in TFL's statement explaining the reasons behind their decision. Do the crime. Serve the time. 4 days and counting. Uber; make your move!  

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