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Uber has no idea if their drivers make minimum wage

As reported in the Daily Mail Uber does not know how much its drivers earn as estimates suggest some take home less than the minimum wage.

Uber have claimed in the past they pay on average, a £15 rate , to many of its drivers, but now admit that payment does not take into account the drivers overheads for things such as petrol, licensing, insurance, buying a vehicle or the vehicles wear and tear. 

Once those expenses are deducted, there is a good chance that the minimum wage of £7.50 is not even earned. 

For a company that shouted from the rooftops about 40,000 drivers losing their jobs following TFL's decision to not renew Uber's license, it suddenly becomes quite ironic that they choose to challenge a lawsuit against giving their "Partners " basic employee rights. 

Uber have also been branded 'hypocritical ' for claiming TFL could put 40,000 drivers out of business while it was preparing to replace those drivers with robots in the future. 

MPs on the Commons business select committee, who are looking into the so-called 'gig' economy, heard from one driver who took home just £6 an hour. 

Andrew Byrne, head of public policy, warned that fares would rise if their drivers were reclassified as employees as it would add 'tens of millions ' to Uber's costs. 

A company that claims to be worth around 70billion suddenly attempting to use the sympathy card to get out of paying the minimum wage---- How greedy can one organisation be? 

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