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Sadiq says he's a Black Taxi & Uber man

The Mayor of London Said Khan was today accused of "flip flopping " on Uber to win votes. 

During a recent interview, Sadiq told LBC that he had not knowingly used an Uber, yet a video has surfaced with Mr Khan stating that he's a "Black cab and an Uber" man.

Although the video was recorded in 2015, it does bring up the question of whether or not Sadiq was being truthful when answering the question of whether or not he's ever used an Uber by James O'Brien on the popular radio show. 

The very short clip can be seen on the Evening Standard . Of course you would expect the Mayor of London to do all he can to not sound bias, but the question has now been raised again;

Said Khan, have you ever taken a ride in an Uber? 

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