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Fireworks in the back of the cab

Police in Dundee are looking for a group of teenagers who set off a firework in the back of a taxi.

The driver was flagged down by the group on Craigmore Street, Kirkton to be asked the price of a journey at roughly 8.10pm this Monday gone. 

One of the teenagers then proceeded to throw a live firework in to the back of the cab. Luckily, the cabbie escaped injury, but Police Scotland remain keen to track down the four youngsters involved in the incident. A Police Scotland spokesperson said: 

"Those who were involved in this dangerous and reckless activity may have viewed it as a bit of harmless fun but they should consider the potential consequences of their actions. 

"Anybody thinking of using fireworks should be aware it is an offence to throw, cast or fire any firework in or into a public place. "Fortunately no one has been injured but the outcome could have been far worse." Taxi drivers across the UK are reminded to remain vigilant and wary of such incidents in the lead up to bonfire night. 

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