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Uber have built a fake city to trial driverless cars

Uber have built a makeshift city called Almono on an old steel mill site in Hazelwood, Pittsburgh. 

The fake city is kitted out with roundabouts, fake cars, and mannequins that jump out into the street without warning. Sounds a bit like London to me. 

Almono measures 42 acres, but Uber hope to get permission from the Hazelwood zoning board to expand an additional 13,000 square feet. 

A lot of concerns are still up in the air when it comes to self-driving cars, safety being the number one. According to Inc Last December, a video caught a driverless Uber running a red light, which the company later blamed on "human error", yes, the humans who built it! In March, another one of Uber's self-driving cars flipped over in Arizona after a vehicle hit it, raising questions about how autonomous vehicles respond to human error. 

Uber isn't the only company to build a fake city for testing, Ford has one in Michigan, called MCity, which measures 32 acres. 

The future of Uber's self-driving car program hangs in the balance with a court case looming over intellectual property theft with, Waymo, Google's spinoff company. The trial is scheduled for December. 

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