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TfL clarify Selfridges situation

On September 28th we at TaxiPoint did a report entitled Harrassment or enforcement after it was revealed to us that Simon Hogan, a taxi driver from London had been prevented from alighting at a bus stop outside Selfridges by a Carriage Officer, an allegation which included the taxi door being physically held shut by the Carriage Officer, thus preventing Mr Hogans elderly customers from leaving the vehicle safely onto the pavement.    

We subsequently contacted Transport for London regarding the issue and Anand Nandha, TfL’s Head of Compliance, Taxi and Private Hire, said: 

“We have investigated this situation and concluded that a taxi can stop to drop off customers at bus stop BB on Oxford Street. Our compliance officers play a vital role in ensuring that both private hire and taxi drivers comply with the regulations. We will review our training and guidance to officers to reflect this and apologise for the inconvenience and concern caused to this driver and his passengers.”

We would like to thank TfLs Claire Jermany and Anand Nandha for helping to resolve the various issues surrounding this case.

Additional information: · The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016 (Schedule 7, Part 4 and 6) has provisions permitting taxis to stop at bus stops (Bus Stop Clearways) 

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