New Uber feature revealed, and it could have a comical twist

It looks like the Uber driver/passenger relationship is about to take a potentially comical twist as Uber introduce a new feature to their app which will allow customers to view their drivers previous reviews. 

It was revealed today that the feature has been designed to give the customer more of an insight into the driver and his behaviour. A passenger can now view how many "rider compliments" the driver has as well as his rating. 

It has, however, been revealed that the app also publishes the last five "thank you notes." Until today these notes were only visible to the driver, for Ubers customers this could prove highly embarrassing in some instances,  depending on the nature of the "note."

The Guardian reported that "notes" ranging from grovelling apologies to comments of a more salacious nature had been left for drivers. Uber itself hasn't been averse from criticism from their customers with one user leaving this message: “To Uber: It is REALLY inflammatory to force you to rate every ride. Stop this. I want a service, not to review it.”

This new feature is sure to become the proverbial "gift that keeps on giving" to those opposed to Uber.

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