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Uber drivers protest in Brazil

Hundreds of Uber drivers lined the streets of Brazil in protest of a bill that could see Uber's business model collapses in their second biggest market outside of the United States. The legislation would turn all Uber drivers into regular taxi drivers and force them to undertake and abide by the same licensing and taxation rules as the more traditional taxi driver. Dara Khosrowshahi, Uber's new CEO, jetted off to São Paulo to lobby against the proposed legislation. The bill is believed to be voted on by the Senate today according to Reuters. If the ruling is successful it would cause major problems for Uber. Their Brazilian executive spokesman, Fabian Sabba told Reuters "The business model we have today would no longer be viable" Uber have around 500,000 drivers operating in Brazil. Approximately 1,000 of those protested through the countries major cities. Brazil is just one of many countries that is looking to better regulate the heavily corporate funded ride-hailing App.  

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