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Uber's future in Brighton expected to be made today

Uber's uncertain future in Brighton is likely to be decided one way or another today with a behind closed doors decision being made. 

According to Argus the decision will be made by council officers in conjunction with three councillors who are their party leads for licensing.

Streamline, Radio Cabs,and City Cabs, Brighton's three biggest Taxi firms, alleged Uber Britannia to not be a fit and proper person to hold a licence in the City. 

The three firms claim Uber had originally agreed to only use local drivers. It is said that many out-of-town drivers are operating on the Uber platform; a cross border hiring issue. 

Brighton Taxi drivers are said to be down by approximately 25 percent every weekend with an additional 200-250 Uber drivers hitting the City centre for work. 

The vote by councillors Jackie O'Quinn, Labour, Linda Hyde, Conservative and Lizzie Deane, Green, to hold the decision behind closed doors has not gone down particularly well. A public inquiry was the preferred method by many who support the local Taxis who oppose the renewal of Uber's licence. 

I will be keeping a close eye on the proceedings and outcome of today's meeting. An update is likely to follow. 

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