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TOMORROW! WizAnn Knowledge School to hold trade open day

Tomorrow WizAnn Knowledge School will be holding a trade open day to help promote the knowledge and taxi trade in the community. 

Local councillors, schools and colleges have been invited to attend the event to learn more about the London knowledge and what it takes to become a London taxi driver.  The open day event will be held on Friday 24th November between 2pm and 7pm LEVC will be in attendance to promote the new eCity electric cab along with GAS CAB conversions who'll be showcasing an alternative green cab solution. 

Ride hailing app, Taxiapp, are sponsoring the event which hopes to allow not only existing cabbies, but also the general public to get an inside view of the day to day goings on in our trade and the way we study to achieve the coveted Green and Yellow badges.  TFL examiners and management have been invited and all students of the knowledge past and present are welcome.

Pop down and show your support!

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