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SoftBank could shift their investment to Uber rival Lyft at the last moment

SoftBank's interest in a major investment in Uber is hanging on tender hooks, with CEO Masayoshi Son saying during a press conference on Monday; "Depending on the price and conditions, it is wholly possible we could shift our investment to the other main company Lyft. It is wholly possible " According to reports in the Business Insider Son went on to add; "we won't know until the very end" SoftBank have been closing in on a multibillion-dollar investment in Uber for some time now which would secure them a stake in the ride-hailing company of as much as 17%.

Uber's board of directors have been stuck in locker-heads which has caused tension and disruption at the heart of the organisation. Last month they agreed to move forward with securing a major investment from SoftBank, with the hope of securing an IPO in two years time.

It was during a conference in mid-October that Uber board member, Arianna Huffington, said an investment from SoftBank was very likely to be finalised in the next week. It's now almost four weeks on and a deal is yet to be made. A last minute shift to Uber rival Lyft would most likely cause shockwaves in the battle to reign supreme in the ride-hailing war.  

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