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Uber drivers use stolen credit cards to take thousands from the app

A group of Uber drivers were found guilty of using stolen credit cards to take rides on the Uber app. 

Southwark Crown Court heard that the group led by teenager Onome Omonoseh coordinated rides using fake accounts charged to stolen credit cards. Uber are believed to have lost up to £10,000 last year due to the scam. 

Five Uber drivers, Kamlesh Sagoo, Michael Julien, Dan-Alexandru Pasat, Ibrahim Tekagac and Mihai Toader would then take the long journeys and paid Omonoseh for his involvement.  

Prosecutor Stephen Requena said "Mr Omonoseh was the main instigator of the fraud against Uber, creating bogus Uber customer accounts on the app and making bogus trips for which drivers were paid" Judge Peter Ader added: “This was a sophisticated operation that took place over a period of time to defraud Uber of their commission and their fee. Each of you played a part in this operation.” Judge Ader gave the "co-ordinator" Omonoseh eight months in a Young Offenders’ Institution.

Uber driver, Julien, who was involved in as many as 17 fake trips, was jailed for eight months. Tekagac, Pasat and Toader received six-month prison sentences which were suspended for 18 months. Each were ordered to pay £500 compensation to Uber. The final driver, Sagoo, was sentenced to four-months prison, suspended for 18 months. He was told to also pay Uber £486 in compensation. 

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