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TaxiPoint update; we're aiming for the mainstream

If you've used the TaxiPoint platform from its humble beginnings you'll know lots has changed to get it where it is now.

Back in February 2016 the TaxiPoint news app was created for London drivers. It started really well as nearly 3,000 drivers downloaded the app to access the free service. However, problems with the app developer meant it didn't last long and it posted it's last article in November 2016.

Then come the breakthrough. Over the course of a few months TaxiPoint version 2 was ready for relaunch in February of this year. This time it was across all platforms and for the whole of the UK to use.

TaxiPoint also enlisted two selectively chosen cabbies to help with it 100% original content; Steve Kenton and Michael Murphy.

We've now skipped past several big milestones since we started recording data at the end of June 2017:

36,000+ different users on TaxiPoint

10,000+ regular users on TaxiPoint

1,000+ likes on our Facebook page

1,800+ Twitter followers

20,000+ Facebook reach each week

6,000+ regular users each month

We see this as a start. A really good start, but we need help reaching more drivers across the UK. 

We have an opportunity here to create something that could link up taxi drivers from all corners of the UK. Instant communication with all fellow drivers is a reality.

The big goal for us is to give the UK taxi trade a mainstream voice. We will be working hard to get our publication on Google News. From a technology point of view we've achieved what's required. Now working with Google it's about refining certain areas of content which we are doing. 

We will get there, but as always, we need your support whether you be a driver using the platform or an organisation wishing to advertise.

We're completely open and transparent to any questions you may have. Simply ask away by commenting below and I'll get back with the answers!

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