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A shocking display of stupidity

Electric vehicles are now considered to be a viable alternative to both petrol and diesel engine vehicles, but what happens when you put an electric vehicle into the hands of an idiot. 

It was reported yesterday by The Daily Mail that a BMW i3 owner risked both the publics', and his own life, by using an unsafe extension lead to charge his vehicle, in the rain.

34 year old George Wood, a refuse collector from Ipswich noticed that the vehicle had an all-weather charging lead plugged into an indoor extension cable, drenched in the pouring rain on the BMW owners driveway.

Mr Wood was deeply concerned at the fact that the exposed, wet, extension cable could have caught fire or electocuted passers-by. He subsequently started photographing the vehicle with the cable still attached.

Mr Wood said "messing about with electricity isn't worth your life"

A BMW spokesperson said "it was safe to charge electric cars in the rain but extension cables should not be used or fires are a possibility."

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