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Uber announce final roll of the dice in regards to workers rights

Controversial minicab app Uber have announced it will be appealing at the Supreme Court in regards to its long running dispute over workers rights.

The landmark ruling earlier this year means Uber would have to give workers rights to all of its drivers. Some of those benefits include holiday payments and a minimum wage. The cost of such benefits are likely to force the average fare up on the Uber app. It also brings into question whether the drivers should be footing the VAT on each ride. 

Uber have already lost two appeals leaving only the Supreme Court as the only option.  GMB's legal director, Maria Ludkin said: "Uber must now face up to its responsibilities and give its workers the rights to which they are entitled. "GMB urges the company not to waste everyone's time and money dragging their lost cause to the Supreme Court."  An Uber spokesperson said “We have this afternoon requested permission to appeal directly to the Supreme Court in order that this case can be resolved sooner rather than later,” 

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