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Uber executives scramble the globe to smooth over data breach mess

Uber executives scramble the globe to tidy up the mess left behind by the revelations of an astonishing data breach coverup which saw 57million Uber accounts hacked. Last week Uber revealed that it payed hackers to delete and stay quiet about the data breach which took place in 2016. Governments around the world immediately launched probes into Uber's unacceptable behaviour. In an attempt to smooth things over, Uber have dispatched it's executives to reassure regulators worldwide that they are doing everything they can to change the way they are doing business. Uber's recently appointed Chief business officer for Asia Pacific, Brooks Entwistle, told Reuters :

"We've learned very quickly and we're tacking very quickly" How many times will we hear that they are still learning? That they are changing the way they do business? This is a company that is valued in the tens of billions. This is a company that has some of the wealthiest people on this planet invest in it's "Surge" to the top. This is a company that has employed some of the worlds most successful business minds to guide it's model to unprecedented growth. 

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