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Corbyn's Cabbie sparks fury as he's selected as a parliamentary candidate

London taxi driver, Mike Hedges, has been added to the shortlist as a parliamentary candidate. Mr Hedges, drove Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, around during his 2015 leadership campaign and also during this years Election. The decision has sparked the fury of local activists after Mr Hedges was originally the first of eight candidates to go, following an interview where he's said to of performed worse than any of the others. However, Labours National Executive Committee have imposed Hedges as a fifth candidate. Mr Hedges heads the Cabbies For Corbyn group within the Unite Union, who are linked closely to Corbyn's band of hardline loyalists, Momentum. Watford Labour Selection Committee outlined their concerns in a letter to NEC, saying they are "deeply worried the democratic processes of our party are being undermined". A Labour spokesperson has said in reply: "The shortlist was decided in line with Labours procedures" One of the five candidates will now be selected by Watfords Labour members on December 14. According to reports in the Daily Mail there are fears Mr Hedges will win as Unite and other Unions mobilise their members. 

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