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Changes to the driving test

Today is the day that changes to the driving test take place and there are four major changes taking place.

Among those changes are the addition of Sat Nav technology use,  however, out goes the much feared, reverse around a corner.

Here are those changes in full:

1. Independent driving

The current 10 minutes of independent driving will now be increased to 20 minutes and the use of a satnav will now be incorporated into the test. The examiner will then  decide if a sat nav or traffic signs will be used for this section of the test.

2. Satnav use

A sat nav will be provided by the examiner,  the preferred piece of equipment will be a TomTom Start 52 model. Around 80% of all driving testvapplicants will be asked to use the sat nav system.

3. Changes to manoeuvres

From today the "reverse around the corner" is no longer to be part of the driving test. The "3 point turn" is also on its way out.

In comes parallel parking,  paeking in a bay and pulling to the right hand kerb and reverse for 2 car lengths before joining the traffic. 

4. "Show me" and "tell me" questions

Although you will still be asked the "tell me" questions at the beginning of the test, at some point during the test you will be asked to "show me", such as being asked to demonstrate the operation of fog-lights.

The diving test itself, will remain at 40 minutes and the pass mark will remain at 15 driving faults or less with no serious or dangerous faults.

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