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Taxi news: it's what we do

TaxiPoint has been up and running since February and we would like to thank everybody who has taken the time to read our publication.

The publication was developed to fill a gap in the taxi market as we realised that there was no recognised national taxi media resource for drivers and those associated to the trade. 

At TaxiPoint we gather news stories, as well as break news stories, locally, nationally and internationally. We are independant, we try not to influence thinking or opinion, we give you, the reader, the facts as we have them so you can make up your own mind, after all, who wants to be told what to do and what to think?

On occasions you will see a guest writer or recommended reads from writers in the media giving their opinions on trade related matters. Again it's up to you to make up your own mind if you feel that the writer is correct (or not) in their analysis. 

We completely avoid the cheap and easy "copy and paste" culture that pervades the online media industry. We prefer to source a news item, quote back relevant facts and then give you the news item in TaxiPoint's own words. We will neither add nor take away from that news item. We pride ourselves on responsible reporting.

The numbers don't lie either. Since we began analysing numbers at the end of June we've had 41,000 different users; over 12,000 are regular readers.

We like to be transparent. We do carry advertisments on TaxiPoint because the site itself has running costs. Our advertisers have no influence over what we publish and they are made fully aware of this. 

We endeavour to be as honest and open as possible in our reporting without prejudging any given story or news item, this means maniacal, populist, diatribes are off the menu, you will just get sourced, verifiable facts and information. We don't deal with rumours. 

This is what we do at TaxiPoint, we hope that our publication helps the taxi industry not just locally, but both nationally and internationally too over time. 

Download the app or give us a like on Facebook to support what we hope will become one of the trades biggest assets.

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