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New Yorks finest turn on the style

Move over George Clooney, step aside Gerard Butler and take a hike David Beckham, New Yorks finest are coming for you, modelling Helmut Langs latest creation.....The Capsule Collection.

Its a bold move to step away from the traditional modelling fraternity when you are a "high-end" fashion designer but that is exactly what Helmut Lang is doing by opting to use New York's iconic cabbies to model the brands latest range. 

Among the creations are Yellow and Black hoodies and White tee-shirts, which will set you back a cool £150 and £90 respectively.

In a departure from employing the atypical model,  Helmut Lang opted for the weathered, middle aged cabbies to give a more natural and authentic look.

There will be 275 Helmut Lang liveried taxis trawling the streets of New York,  commemorating the 19th anniversary of the fashion giant's taxi campaign, a campaign that was one of the first to utilise roof top advertising. 

Within the campaign, some lucky passengers will be able to claim some high-end freebies as one of the taxis will be giving away hundreds of dollars of clothing.

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