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Fake cabbie jailed for sexual assault on passenger

Ibrahim Gediklioglu, 26, has been jailed for four years for the sexual assault of a female passenger he picked up whilst pretending to be a cab driver in Swindon. Gediklioglu, spent the night on the lookout for vulnerable women to pick up and subject to a terrifying assault. According to reports in the Swindon Advertiser Gediklioglu was in a failing marriage and had previously been convicted for exposing himself to a child. He carried a Taxi sign around with him that he would stick to his car to entice his potential victim. Prosecutor, Tom Wilkins, told Swindon Crown Court, on Friday September 29, two women had been on a night out when they booked a cab to take them home in the early hours of the morning. They waited outside the Jury's Inn where a few cab drivers were waiting for their fares. Gediklioglu, overheard the women ask the drivers if any of them were there for them, and decided to make his move, claiming to be there to pick them up. On route home, the women asked if they could stop off to grab something to eat. At a McDonald's drive through he got out the vehicle to make a phone call to his wife, locking the doors behind him. One of the women who was sitting in the back began to panic, to which, Gediklioglu unlocked the doors to let her out. He then sat back in the vehicle and locked the doors again, but this time alone with his victim in the front. Gediklioglu, then began to put his hand up his victims skirt and into her knickers. His victim began to fight back. The attack lasted around a minute. Staff from the restaurant ran to her aid but Gediklioglu managed to drive away after releasing his victim. The victim and her friend said he was openly watching porn on his phone during the journey. 

His car registration was recorded on cctv. The police tracked down Gediklioglu and searched his car where they found the ID of another woman under the seat. The woman said she had taken a lift from him the night before and thought he was a genuine cab, as he had the sign on his vehicle. Gediklioglu, of Grange Park, pleaded guilty to sexual assault. He denied kidnap. 

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