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Uber driver accused of sexual assault in London

A 22 year old woman has alleged that her Uber driver, Najamulhassan Qureshi, 35, sexually assaulted her on a late night journey to her home in the Isle of Dogs East London. A court heard the victim ordered an Uber to take her home after a night out with her boyfriend in Islington North London. The 22 year old had been drinking cocktails and was 'somewhat intoxicated' jurors were told, and fell asleep in the back of an Uber car being driven by, Qureshi. According to reports in the Daily Mail the victim woke to find her alleged attacker on top of her kissing her neck and putting his hand up her skirt. Once the alleged victim realised what was going on, it's reported that she managed to escape from the car which was parked near her home. Prosecutor David Povall said: 

‘There is no dispute that the Uber that arrived was a black Ford driven by Mr Qureshi. ‘She got into the back of the car and very quickly fell asleep. ‘It was some time later that she became aware there was somebody next to her kissing her neck and his hand was under her skirt.

‘She was confused. Her first thought was that person was her boyfriend and she responded by saying "What are you doing"”

‘When she heard the response in an Asian accent it took her some time to work out what was happening.’ The alleged victim reported the assault to the police the next day. Qureshi denies the allegations and told the police during questioning that the 22 year old woman spent the journey abusing him and attempting to climb into the front seat. He also claimed that she tried to hug him at the end of the journey. Qureshi claims the woman dropped her phone which he picked up for her and while doing so he sneezed which caused her to get very angry. He claims she called him a "motherf***er" Qureshi said he had not got into the back seat and did not sexually assault her. He denies assault by penetration.  

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