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European Court: Uber ruling imminent

The European Unions highest court will today make a decision as to whether Uber are a technology company or a taxi company. 

Whilst the courts imminent decision will have a direct impact on Uber andtheir  operation, those operating within the wider gig economy will be watching the outcome very closely due to the potential ramifications across all 28 member states.

Uber has long argued that it is a technology company rather than a taxi or transportation company, and therefore, not subject to the same regulations as other transport providers.

This case predominantly surrounds UberPop, a service allowing drivers who do not have a taxi licence to operate on the ride-hailing platform.

A defeat for what is, the worlds most valuable start-up, will mean that all European Union member states will classify Uber as a transportation company

Bloomberg News have reported that Uber have said "Any ruling will not change things in most EU countries where we already operate under transportation law,”

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