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Lebanon minister urges people to not use Uber app declaring it "not safe"

The Lebanese public have been warned by it interior minister to not to use Uber following the tragic murder of British diplomat Rebecca Dykes. 

Nohad Machnouk, Lebanon's interior minister, has called the American ride hailing service a "virtual" entity which is "not safe" according to Sky News

He went on to recommend that the people of Lebanon only use "traditional" taxis. An Uber driver was arrested yesterday in regards to the murder of UK diplomat Rebecca Dykes in Beirut. A senior Lebanese security official has also confirmed that the driver had "previous criminal violations". The driver, a Lebanese national, confessed to murder of Ms Dykes whose body was found on Saturday morning by the side of a motorway leading into the Lebanese capital. The police are being helped by the controversial ride-hailing app in their investigations, according to a spokesperson from Uber. "We are horrified by this senseless act of violence," they added. "Our hearts are with the victim and her family. We are working with authorities to assist their investigation in any way they can". 

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