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ComfortDelgro and Uber: dynamic pricing on the horizon in Singapore

On the back of the announcement earlier this year that ComfortDelgro and Uber were to join forces in Singapore, details have emerged as to how dynamic pricing may affect ComfortDelgro's 14,300 drivers.

Dynamic pricing is already in operation for over 10,000 taxis that operate on the Grab app, but now the link up between the two transportation giants may mean that all taxis will have to operate on a dynamic pricing basis.

The Straits Times recently interviewed Uber General Manager in Singapore Warren Tseng who said: "deregulation in Singapore's taxi industry has now made taxis a complement to and a better fit for Uber's product offerings, compared with when it first started here in 2013. "The old UberTaxi platform was, basically, you book a taxi. But now there's deregulation, so the pricing has more flexibility - it can work along dynamic pricing and things like that. These changes have resulted in us shifting and pivoting our strategies as well."

The new service incorporating taxis will be called UberFlash. This is nothing new to Uber as they have attempted to have taxis on the platform before with their UberTaxi service.

ComfortDelgro have so far remained tight-lipped surrounding changes to the pricing structure,  although continue to operate on a metered fare basis.

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