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Uber facing counter-lawsuit from ad firm Fetch

The American department of U.K.-based ad firm Fetch, filed a complaint on Tuesday asking to have a federal court hear its challenge to the lawsuit filed against them by ride-hailing giants Uber in September 2017.  

Uber claimed their was fraudulent handling of "clicks" in mobile ads. Uber said, Fetch, knowingly used cluck-fraud operations to inflate traffic. Uber withdrew those claims on December 22nd, going on to add they would be pursing the case in a state court instead. Fetch believe Uber moved to have the case dismissed because it knew the claim would not hold up. Fetch are now now counter-suing the clams. They want to make sure the case gets heard in front of the US District Court. Part of Fetch's counter-suit reads as follows: "Fetch does not believe that Uber can avoid federal-court scrutiny of it's incorrect contract theories so easily" "Fetch respectfully requests that the court interpret the parties contract and issue a declaration regarding Fetch's and Uber's responsibilities under the parties contractual relationship" Uber had said in its original claim that Fetch, who subcontract ads to smaller companies that serve the banner ads, should be heard responsible for the fake traffic numbers and should reimburse Uber for the fees collected. According to reports in the register Fetch, claims that both it and Uber were aware of the click fraud problem at the time of the $82 million advertising deal that was made between the companies. Fetch, believe Uber are pushing for a more "favourable" court to hear its claims as they(Fetch) believe Uber's case would not stand up in a federal court.  

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