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TaxiPoint continues growing as two campaigns set to begin

We haven’t updated readers for a little while so I’ll first take the opportunity to say Happy New Year and thank you for all the support in our first year since relaunch in February.

We’re continuing to grow at a fast rate and averaging roughly 200 new users each day. We’ve set ourselves the ambitious target of doubling our readership which would take us to 100,000 different users and roughy 30,000 regular readers between January and December 2018. Tough ask, but we will achieve it!

The aim, as always, is to bring taxi drivers together from all around the UK. We’ll be running a couple of nationwide campaigns kicking off very soon. 

One focuses is to reclaim the taxi name. With your help we’ll make it easier for you to complain to media sources who incorrectly use the taxi name and we will try to educate the publishers and writers in regards to the stark differences. We look forward to working with the LTDA in regards to this campaign and hope for driver support too. 

The other will be a nationwide survey for drivers to take part in. A trusted consultation which will deliver the full picture to the media, authorities and politicians which will help highlight key worries and issues surrounding the taxi trade in the UK. Keep your eyes peeled as we hope this to be the biggest of its kind ever undertaken.

If you want to get involved with TaxiPoint we’re open to everyone. Send in any articles and we’ll help you edit and publish it to our 14,000 plus regular readers.

So be lucky and wishing you and your family a very prosperous 2018.

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