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UberFLASH goes live in Singapore

On the back of last December's announcement that Comfort Delgro and Uber Singapore were to form an alliance in which the former would acquire a 51% Stake in Lion City Holdings, an Uber subsidiary,  it has been officially announced by Uber Singapore that it will be bringing surge pricing to all Comfort Delgro linked taxis via a service called UberFLASH.

The deal, which cost Comfort Delgro S$642 million, is still awaiting regulatory approval.

The UberFLASH feature starts from today,   Channel News Asia have said that, according to Uber, that when prices are surging, riders will see a multiplier to the standard rates on the map. For example,  a surge at 1.8x or 2.5x,  is how much your base fare will be multiplied by. So a fare that is usually S$10 would be S$18 when it’s at 1.8x surge.

The base fare will start at S$3, with the distance being charged at S$0.45 per kilometre,  the time aspect of the fare will be S$0.20 minute. There will be S$0.20 per minute waiting time after three minutes and a S$6 charge will after five minutes for a cancellation. 

In a press release it has been said that: “Commuters will be able to see UberFLASH trip fares before they request a ride, and fares will be lower by 5-10 per cent on average compared to an uberX ride.”

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