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Letter to the Editor; Czech taxi protest planned whilst eyes on London

As a few hundred cabbies embarked on the final day of taxi protests in London we’d like to share a message sent to TaxiPoint from further afield. 

Karolina Venclovà, President of the Czech Republic Association of Concessionaire in Taxi Services (known as AKT-ČR in their home country) paints a familiar picture explaining drivers are not being heard and protests have been called. 


My name is Karolina Venclovà and I’m President of the Association of Concessionaire in Taxi Services Czech Republic (AKT-ČR).

We are watching your fight with Uber and want to let you know we are fighting as well in our country. 

This fight is on going for several years already and here there is nobody to help us. I mean really nobody, including government and public offices. This is a very long and gruelling war and I am sure you understand that we are getting tired.

On 8th February we we are going to run a big protest in Prague (about 1,000 cars which is a really big number for our small country). We would be more than pleased any support from you on our Facebook page; AKT-ČR

Our colleagues will appreciate any support from such a big organisation like yourselves and they may feel stronger to fulfil our intentions with your backing.

Kind regards,

Karolina Venclovà

From TaxiPoint we wish everyone in Prague the very best of luck and look forward to hearing about the successful protect come 8th February. 

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