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Are Uber overlooking a bug that makes its app security vulnerable

The controversial ride-hailing service Uber has chosen to ignore a security glitch that could tempt hackers to access the customer app. 

The flaw centres around security called two-factor authentication (2FA) which is used to add a second level of security after username and password. This could include requesting a security code to be sent to the registered users phone for example. 

Accroding to ZDNET a spokesperson at Uber said the big "isn't a particularly severe" problem despite many huge online companies investing heavily in the protection.  This comes soon after the discovery of a huge 57 million user data hack back in 2016 which Uber failed to make public and instead paid hackers a ransom in an attempt to cover up the breach.  However, a security researcher hailing from New Delhi, found the 2FA could be easily bypassed rendering the second level of security pointless.  

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