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Glasgow taxi drivers set for fare increase

Glasgow taxi drivers are set for a 2.5% fare increase, after it was revealed via an independent report that "the Uber effect" has created a fiscal downturn in cab drivers income.

The struggling cabbies are finding it harder to meet running costs, despite some of those costs actually dropping or remaining static.

The 2.5% increase, which is awaiting approval from councillors, will see the flag-fall increase from £2.80 to £3.00 and fares that fall between under 10 miles increasing between 20p or 40p.

Glasgow Taxi chairman, Stephen Flynn,  said it is not enough of an increase to make a difference to either the passenger or owners.

Unite Glasgow Cab Section however said: “Glasgow hasn’t had a tariff rise in over two years. Glasgow City Council adopted a tariff formula compiled by Transport Research Partners. It is meant to be used annually to calculate tariff. 2.49% is a modest increase broadly in line with inflation. Uber effect disingenuous.”

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