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London Uber driver rape trial continues

The rape trial involving Uber driver Suleiman Abdirizak continued at Snaresbrook Crown Court this week. 

Last August TaxiPoint reported on how 42 year old Mr Abdirizak allegedly attacked his victim when she was left alone in his vehicle after using the UberPool service.

The court was told that the driver placed his penis into the mouth of his passenger after stroking the thigh of his sleeping passenger.

The quick thinking victim managed to stop the attack by lying to her attacker saying she was HIV positive. After learning his victim was HIV positive, Mr Abdirizak then washed his penis and mouth with the contents of a squash bottle.

Whilst giving evidence the victim said: ‘I work in finance and was out for a drink with friends. I seem to remember he was making chit-chat. Then I fell asleep. “He said, ‘I will drive you home if you suck my d**k’.” 

The defendant denies rape and the trial continues. 

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