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Uber undergoing tax evasion investigations in Argentina

Five Uber executives in Argentina have been banned from flying and leaving the country while an ongoing tax evasion investigation is in proceedings. A district attorney appealed for the strongest travel restrictions to be put on all five executives, since "just a warning" would not be sufficient enough to assure the five men would not flee the country. In April 2016, Judge Victor Trionfetti, of the second court of Contentious Administrative and Tax Matters, filed a preliminary injunction that ordered the Buenos Aires government to suspend any of Uber's activity in its jurisdiction. Trionfetti said: "Uber's activity in the city infringes upon our legal system due to a series of possible violations of the constitution and local laws" Uber decided to continue operating regardless stating protection from the "civil and commercial code", the Bubble reported.  In November 2017, the third court of the Chamber of Criminal Appeals upheld a ruling maintaining that Uber engaged in "illicit tax evasion conduct" 

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