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TfLs online renewals issues solved

Renewing your taxi drivers licence in London can sometimes be a precarious and daunting task, the possibility of making an error is huge.

Recently, Transport for London's taxi drivers licensing service came under scrutiny after encountering some issues surrounding their online renewals service,  this involved ambiguity within some of the questions that required a precise answer. 

TaxiPoint contacted Transport for London regarding some of the issues that were raised by drivers and TfL started investigating the problems that drivers were encountering.

We were subsequently contacted by Matt Winters in January, who assured us that all of the issues highlighted have now been resolved.

We would like to thank Claire Jermany, Matt Winfield and Caroline Pidgeon for helping to get the issues resolved.

The online renewal service is a very efficient and surprisingly speedy way to renew your bill. Any difficulties can be worked through by calling TfL and speaking to their licensing team who are extremely helpful. 

Remember to always renew your bill in good time, starting the renewals process within the first 30 days of receiving your pack means that should things go wrong, you can potentially obtain a "cover note" so as to keep you in work, should your bill expire before the renewal is issued. 

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