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Kalanick likened to Gordon Gekko in Uber V Waymo trial

Controversial former Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick took to the stand on Wednesday for his second day of questioning in the Uber V Waymo trial. Anyone who's seen the Hollywood blockbuster, Wall Street, will know exactly who Gordon Gekko is. A man obsessed with greed and making his fortunes at all costs. Whilst on the stand on Wednesday, Kalanick would watch the famous "greed is good" clip from the 1987 hit movie.

Waymo presented the clip to be played following after a message sent to Kalanick by former Waymo engineer Anthony Levandowski had emerged. According to reports in The Guardian , the message read: "here's a speech you need to give ;-)" along with the famous clip of Michael Douglas playing the infamous Gordon Gekko. Kalanick's second day of questioning focused on critical emails, meetings and notes relating to Uber's courting of Anthony Levandowski. Kalanick showed signs of uncertainty on the stand with some of his hazy answers contradicting the words of his deposition in July 2017. The trial continues.  

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