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Could ride hailing apps see an end to car ownership

It's been predicted by tech experts that within 2 decades, ownership of cars in Britain will be a thing of the past.

The prediction was made at the Mobile World Congress briefing, where it is anticipated that ride-hailing apps such as Uber or Lyft will replace traditional car ownership.

Experts argue that owning a motor vehicle is neither space-efficient nor cost-efficient in the modern age and will be defunct by 2035.

It is believed that ride hailing apps will replace car ownership, supplying fleets of driverless cars at the touch of an app, with artificial intelligence controlling how the vehicles make best use of road space.

What seems to have been forgotten in this seemingly utopian brave new world is the human factor.

People don't just drive to get from A to B,  they drive for enjoyment and in some cases drive out of necessity.

Certainly, at the moment, GPS is far from perfect,  in fact in some areas of the UK it fails miserably and therefore has the potential to cause serious problems.

If car ownership does dissappear in the UK, where does this leave the likes of Ferrari,  Bugatti and other high-end markets, who predominantly build "drivers" cars,  vehicles for pleasure and leisure. Also where would this leave both the taxi and private hire industry, this prediction could in theory consign several hundred thousand people across the country to the employment scrapheap, given that both the taxi and the PHV industry is a "middle-aged" persons game. 

It seems that tech companies, in their quest for supremacy over the road transportation market are forgetting the most important factor in the whole equation.....being human.

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