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Taxify driver believed to of been burnt to death in deadly South African Taxi wars

South African police are investigating the suspected murder of a Taxify driver as the war for the roads continues in Johannesburg. Last week TaxiPoint reported on a mass shooting that had taken place on a taxi rank killing traditional taxi drivers in what was described as a planned mass shooting. On Friday 2 March the charred remains of a body were found in a burnt out vehicle in Pretoria, Reuters reported. Tensions have been increasing between metered taxi drivers and those who drive for app-based rivals. A number of vehicles driven by those who work on platforms such as Taxify and Uber have been torched in recent month, and the death toll in this tragic tale of Taxi-wars is ever rising. Traditional taxi firms and drivers have been at logger heads with the ride-hailing industry ever since it's launch all over the world, but no one would of thought it could turn into such a deadly turf war where people would lose their lives. Police and regulators must get this under control because it seems that it's the man at the bottom who is paying the ultimate price for the fat-cats at the summit to succeed. 

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