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Uber banned from another country

Ride-hailing Apps Uber and Careem have been banned from operating in Egypt following a lawsuit filed against the firms by a group of traditional taxi drivers, according to a report in Xinhuanet . The decision was handed down on Tuesday 20 March at an Egyptian court. The lawsuit filed by the traditional taxi drivers accused the two companies of breaking traffic laws by using private vehicles for commercial purposes. Both companies are likely to appeal the decision at a high court, but for now the news has been hailed a success by Egyptian taxi drivers. If Uber do decide to appeal, it will add to a long list of worldwide appeals, none more so than their appeal against London's transport regulators TfL who refused a licence renewal to the controversial ride-hailing app on the grounds of not being a "fit and proper" company. Uber's London appeal is due to be heard within the next 6-8 weeks. 

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