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Unite union calls for a cap on private hire licenses in Glasgow

Unite union are calling for a cap on private hire licenses in Glasgow. They claim that there are too many drivers in the industry and not enough work, forcing longer working hours just to get by. There are currently around 3500 private hire licenses in Glasgow, more than most other Scottish cities, and the number seems set to increase unless a cap is introduced. Unite's cab section secretary Steven Grant said in an article published in the Evening Times : "We believe supply is outstripping demand in the private hire trade" Glasgow City Councillors agreed to increase the flag fare on black taxis by 2.49% this week. They hope the increase will help make up for the loss of work they have had to endure since the introduction of app based firms such as Uber. Research body, Taxi Research Partner, released figures that would suggest there has been a decline in the number of miles black cabs were being occupied in hires. 

Grant went on to point the finger at Uber as the main culprit because they operate a "pay as you go" model, which allows drivers to use it as a second job and just work during peak hours, taking away fares from the drivers who work the trade full time. 

He said: "There has to be a decision made on capping private hire drivers." 

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