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Hull cabbie accused of kidnap after bilking incident

A Hull cabbie has been accused of "kidnapping" two girls after they attempted to make off without paying their fare.

42 year old Yakup Kahramanog, was asked by the girls to take them to Hessle after being picked in Newland Avenue, Hull, at approximately 3.30 am on Tuesday morning.

As the driver approached the requested destination, they asked to be dropped off a few streets away from their original location. The driver became suspicious after the girls had started whispering before removing their shoes.

Despite the doors being unlocked, the girls were unable to open the door, the driver then asked for the £12 fare. The two girls subsequently offered the driver £1.

The driver then offered to take the girls to a cash machine or take them home to their parents for payment, however the two girls refused both options and were subsequently taken to Clough Road Police Station. The driver phoned the police en-route to inform them that he would be arriving with the two girls.

This however, wasn't the end of the matter, as a sinister twist ensued with the mother of one of the girls posting on Facebook that Mr Kahramanog had "kidnapped" the two girls.

This has now left the driver considering leaving the taxi industry after fearing that his reputation has been permanently damaged.

Peter Nilsson, chairman of the Hull Hackney Carriage Association, is confident that Mr Kahramanog had acted correctly after examining CCTV footage.

He was also critical of the mother's role in attempting to use social media as a form of revenge or justice.

Humberside Police have told The Hull Daily Mail that the matter is a civil one and not a criminal matter.

This does beg the question as to what constitutes a bilk and where does a driver stand legally.

Making off without payment is a criminal offence, however if an offer of payment is made this then changes the parameters and could be construed as a part payment, therefore a civil matter.

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