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Guildford Taxi drivers protest against reduced meter rates

Guildford taxi drivers organised a Go-Slow protest this morning against reduced fares imposed against them at the end of last year. Drivers say the 16% cut in their meter rates has left some of them having to clock up 80 hours a week just to get by. One taxi driver explained in an article published in Get Surrey , that their fare rates were nowhere near on par with any other boroughs. Drivers now claim that the reduced fares could cost them up to £7,000 a year in earnings. The council had previously attempted to lower fares back in 2015, but following a threat of legal action by taxi drivers and problems with the way fares were calculated, the proposal was abandoned. The taxi drivers picked Guildford's town centre one-way system as their location for the go-slow protest which started at 10am, lasting an hour. The organisers said they intend for it to be a one-off protest, but if the council refuse to listen to their concerns they will arrange further protests to take place for five mornings and five afternoons.  

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