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Cheshire East council demand an end to cross-border hiring

In yet another broadside against the Government's 2015 Deregulation Act,  Cheshire East councillors are the latest in a growing list of local authority councillors demanding that the legal loophole which allows cross-border hiring is closed.

Councillors are concerned that the free-for-all surrounding cross-border hiring is putting children at serious risk from sexual predators, drug dealers and traffickers.

Councillor Ainsley Arnold has stated that he will be contacting Secretary of state for Transport, Chris Grayling asking that the loophole be closed.

Chris Grayling has so far resisted attempts by councillors across the country to get him to address the potentially dangerous practice, which undermines a regulators ability to impose adequate safety measures due to PHV drivers from outside of their licensing area, which may be subject to more lax or weaker regulation, working in any given district.

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