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Some U.S Uber passengers can now purchase tablets along with a number of other items from their driv

Passengers who choose to ride with ride-hailing firms Uber or Lyft can now purchase a selection of different products from their vehicle in a number of U.S cities. Tech company Cargo, have teamed up with both apps allowing passengers to buy items such as protein bars, kids sweets and even hangover cure tablets. The products will be held in a secured box which will open once the passenger pays through the app. According to a report in CNBC , drinks giant Coca-Cola have partnered, offering it's Smartwater free to riders. Drivers will earn a small percentage and commission from each sale which Cargo claims can increase their monthly earnings by up to $500 (£352). Cargo aims to reach more than 25 million passengers in in 20,000 vehicles by the end of 2018.  

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