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Veezu's V Cars sack taxi drivers in Swindon for going on strike

Twenty five taxi drivers who chose to go on strike due to an ongoing problem that overcharged passengers have been controversially sacked. 

The cabbies working for Veezu’s V Cars were shown the door for partaking in a larger vocal demonstration attended by approximately 60 people on the doorstep of the firm’s headquarters. 

The strike action taken was due to drivers refusing to take work claiming that customers were continuing to be overcharged and that no fix had yet to be found.  In a statement via Swindon Advertiser, Veezu said: “Unfortunately, a small minority of drivers have become disruptive. These actions are detrimental to the vast majority of drivers and affect not just the company’s reputation, but also all drivers’ work levels.” 

A spokesperson from the firm went on to say: “These actions are not reasonable and as such we cannot condone or allow them to continue. “We have a duty of care to our staff for their safety and wellbeing and to the majority of drivers to safeguard work levels. “The drivers identified carrying out these actions are no longer associated with V Cars.  

V Cars Drivers’ Association said that they will be contacting Citizen’s Advice Bureau after “disgraceful” treatment and that “Veezu has no proof to back up what they have said”.  Veezu has faced a tricky week as it’s other Private Hire firm, A2B based in Birmingham, have recently been in the spotlight this week. The the Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain (IWGB) brings employment status, holiday pay, minimum wage and unlawful deduction of wages claims against against the firm.

The IWGB claim Veezu’s A2B denied its drivers, all members of IWGB’s United Private Hire Drivers (UPHD) branch, basic employment rights by classifying them as independent contractors rather than workers. Workers have a right to the minimum wage, holiday pay, rest breaks and the right not to work more than 48hrs a week, among other rights. IWGB General Secretary Dr Jason Moyer-Lee said: “The wide scale depravation of employment rights is not unique to Uber, it is rampant across the private hire sector in the UK. With these actions the IWGB is stepping up its campaign to have private hire drivers recognised as the workers they are and enjoying the rights to which they are legally entitled.” 

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