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Chelmsford cabbie keeps licence after colliding with pedestrian

A cabbie in Chelmsford has kept his licence despite colliding with a drunk pedestrian.

The unamed cabbie,  who holds both a hackney carriage and a private hire licence had his fitness to hold a licence put into question after attempting to flee from a drunk member of the public.

The person in question had allegedly threatened the driver and blocked his path,  trying to prevent the cabbie from escaping.

The driver attempted to reverse around the individual,  and also phoned the police,  before clipping the man with his vehicle as he was finally able to leave the scene.

The pedestrian suffered no injury,  this factor was taken into account by Chelmsford City Council's licensing committee,  as well as other mitigating factors, such as the driver being under threat. The committee were critical of the fact that the pedestrian could have slipped and been badly injured by the vehicle. 

Despite the cabbie keeping his licence,  the committee commented that his status as a fit and proper person had been severely bought into question.

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