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Part One: From School Boy to Knowledge Boy to Butter Boy

After finishing year 11 at high school and not knowing what I wanted to do long term, other than become a professional boxer, I decided to stay on to at sixth form to give myself time to figure out what I wanted to do career-wise. 

During this time I had quite a successful amaetur boxing career and I decided I would turn pro but had to have a job that would fit in with my training. My dad had been a cabbie for 15 years and it seemed the logical step for me to take. I would be my own boss and could fit being a cabbie in with my training. And so the journey began... 

So where do I start – well let’s start where every Knowledge boy starts – Manor House Station to Gibson Square. In June 2013, I found myself driving up Seven Sisters Road to start the first of the 320 blue books runs. Finding Manor House Station was easy enough, as was finding all the points along Green Lane such as the Castle Climbing Centre. However, the sense of being completely lost if I dared to stray from the route that was pinned to the board on the front of my bike was overwhelming. I finally ended up at Gibson Square and immediately phoned my dad feeling like I had achieved something on the Knowledge… how little I knew. I sat on the kerb looking at the map and taking notes on the square and the points nearby before setting off to start the second run – Thornhill Square to Queen’s Square. Finding my way from Gibson Square round the corner to Thornhill Square was the first time I found myself lost on the Knowledge. I later realised that becoming ‘lost’ is a very helpful way to learn as you discover an area of London which you haven’t yet come across and then realise certain roads in the new area take you to an area which you already know, resulting in your knowledge of London broadening. This is exactly what happened. After missing the turning for Liverpool Road, the next turning I took was Pentonville Road. As I had heard my dad mention this road in the past, I thought I would go for it. What a mistake that was. Travelling around the one-way system at King’s Cross, I was concentrating more on not crashing, as vehicles were coming at me from all directions. I eventually ended up on Copenhagen Street and needed to stop to see where the heck I was! A few moments of looking at the map and road signs, I realised I was at the juntion of Matilda Street, the exact road I needed to take me to Thornhill Square. Result! Before heading to Queen’s Square, I had a quick moment to reflect on how big the task of learning the 6 mile radius of London was. I’d got completely lost on my second run, how was I going to cope learning the next 318?! So off I went, continuing my journey with the slight feeling of confusion and being stranded in the middle of a very large ocean. 

Next week... Dean talks appearances.

In the meantime, Dean Richardson returns to the ring at York Hall, Bethnal Green for his seventh pro fight. Having won his first five fights by way of knockout, he was taken the distance for the first time in his last outing where he won by unanimous decision against Jan Balog. Richardson’s next fight, which is on 19th May, will be a step up as he is scheduled to fight in his first 8-round bout. Due to the early stoppages, he has only gone a maximum of four rounds, despite one bout being scheduled for six. Winning this bout will take Dean another step closer to a fight for the Southern Area Light-Middleweight Title, which he hopes will be within his next two fights. Tickets are priced at £40 Unreserved Seating, £65 Ringside and £100 VIP and are available on 07702 887088. Alternatively if you wish to pay by credit/debit card, please click here.

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