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As expected Uber launches PR campaign highlighting safety features ahead of TfL hearing next month

Controversial ride-hailing service Uber are expected to launch a fresh UK PR campaign on Monday which will focus on the safety and security the app has to offer.

This new marketing campaign will come as no surprise to those challenging Uber’s right to operate in cities around the UK. 

In London, Uber will start the process of appeal whereby it will seek to win back its operators licence. The capital’s regulators Transport for London refused to renew the licence calling them “not fit and proper” and citing concerns surrounds public safety and data security. 

These same reasons were recently highlighted this week in Brighton and Hove as they too chose to not renew the firms licence.

According to CampaignLive the PR campaign will focus around seven films made by ‘Gravity Road’ and highlight topics such as in app safety features, explaining surge pricing and how it’s drivers are licensed.

The name of the latest campaign is called “Makes Sense”. 

James Peach, senior marketing manager at Uber, said: "We're committed to making Uber a great experience for everyone and that’s the reason many of the features in the app exist,

"This campaign aims to inform people of these features, transparently demonstrating Uber's approach. Whether it is our commitment to safety, a greener future or offering drivers both flexibility and security." The campaign is likely to be focusing heavily on social media users.

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