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Uber driver causes mayhem after attempting a three point turn on slip road

In an act which can only be described as monumentally stupid, an Uber driver has been caught on dash -cam doing a 3 point turn on the A189 slip road to Cramlington in Northumberland.

The incident, which was performed on a blind bend,  where the speed limit is 50 mile per hour, reducing down to 30 mph coming off of the A189 onto the slip road, was caught on driving instructor Andy Livingstone's dash -cam.

The ishocking footage, which took place on May 2nd can be viewed at The Chronicle Live

Mr Livingstone, who had a pupil on board at the time, initially thought that the vehicle had crashed. He then discovered, to his horror, that the vehicle was attempting to turn around, leaving the driving instructor and his terrified pupil stationery on the slip road, putting them in serious danger.

Uber are now investigating the incident. 

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